Read Aloud ePUB Conversion is designed to read selected part of the text or the complete book. This eBook is best for people who avert the pain of turning pages, or better understand the matter if it is read to them. It enables the reader to to listen to the book while reading it. In no time it has gained immense popularity as it is more helpful and reader friendly. With this Read Aloud epUB format we will make your eBooks more appealing and reactive.

We have the required skills and specialisms to convert the content into read aloud fixed layout facility through test to speech engine. We have specialized conversion tools to convert accurate and quality content from source files in almost any format.

We ensure we only deliver the best in the most impressive and high quality format with competitive prices.


The latest and updated ePUB standards undeniably enhanced the quality of eBooks. We have designed and enhanced the ePUB conversion services to make it more beneficial for the clients. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who puts us at an advantage.

Key Features:

  1. We accept the data in PDF, MS Word or other similar formats and give enhanced conversion services in the latest version of ePUB 3.
  2. We convert the content as per the requirements of the latest and enhanced electronic publication trends.
  3. We give the quality services of enhanced ebook conversion sand deliver the projects within the mentioned time.


ePUB is a file extension of XML format for publications and reflowable digital books. We follow the official standard of IDPF for file conversion. You can give us the file in any of these formats:

  1. PDF
  2. Quark
  3. InDesign
  4. MS Word
  5. XML
  6. HTML
  7. RTF
  8. 3B2

You can further read the files in Kobo, iPad, Samsung, Sony, Nook, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble. We also make audio and video files, design cover pages and searchable text files.


We execute the multifaceted Kindle Format 8 conversion projects for sidebars, tables, fixed layouts, drop caps, nested tables, and graphics. You can completely trust us for quality designing and formatting for Magazines, Cook Books, Comics, Graphic Novels, Technical Books, Children Books and many added. We offer design and rationalized services as per your requirements.

The text and illustrations used in the content are perfect to give an enhanced eReading experience to the readers.


XML is the new standard for web-publishing format used to store and display information on the internet. XML is versatile, flexible, scalable and has more added advantages over any other web-publishing formats.

We provide you services in print, web, data creation and smart device publishing. We help convert your data from from following files to XML with proper format, structure, layout, graphics, links, indexes and special effects.

  1. XHTML
  2. PDF
  3. SGML
  4. Word
  5. HTML

Our specialized team handles all the large, complex XML tagging easily and have completed many XML conversion projects for our clients. We deliver quality and error-free work to publish on various digital platforms.


Adobe PDF conversion is a specialized conversion service that produces the eBooks in better quality, saves more time and is value for money. We have a variety of scanners, Adobe tools and Image Enhancements that work together to convert paper documents to compact easily.

Adope PDF conversion has made it easy to store information and retrieval of the same. We convert from the followings:

  1. HTML, XML to PDF
  2. PageMaker to PDF
  3. Paper to PDF
  4. Graphic Format to PDF
  5. MS Word to PDF

Our team of experts converts all the given formats to produce Catalogue search, PDF Image, Hyperlinks and Bookmarks and PDF with formatted text and graphics.


The Fixed Layout ePUB format has customized content acceptable by devices such as iPhone, iPad, Kobo, B&N and few more. This content format is mainly useful for eBooks with lots of artworks, images and illustrations. With Fixed Layout ePUB conversion we create books using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

In Fixed Layout, we provide:

  1. Vertical Text and Text Shadow
  2. Illustrations or Artistic Photography
  3. Background color
  4. Horizontal orientation to your ebook
  5. Multi-column Text pages
  6. Page design and Design elements
  7. Color & Graphics support

We have a young and professional team with big ideas and innovations, who offer customized solutions for your ePUB conversion. They also use specialized conversion tools to meet your requirements.


The Publishing industry has on-looked an uprising at its peak with digitization and it continued as an evolving process with POD.

Print on Demand (POD) has changed the scenario in the recent times. With POD you can directly print the files created and stored in your computer, whenever you require it. It gives high end quality at very reasonable prices.

Our Services:

  1. We will keep an archive of your content, so that repeat orders can be immediately brought back into print.
  2. We Print dummy copies for display at exhibitions, book fairs, etc.
  3. We keep a quality control check of all aspects of the book before printing.
  4. We deliver the multi-editions of the same book simultaneously and effectively.